Protocols by Projects & Cores

We share here developed tools and papers that are associated with data sets generated in bioinformatic experiments.

Project I

PVAT has been narrowly viewed as a tissue that feeds information to the blood vessel through secretions and homing of immune cells; this is ‘outside-in’ communication and has been considered a passive function of PVAT.

Project II

Hypertension is the leading contributor to global disease burden and the most common cause of preventable death. Perivascular adipose tissue (PVAT) has recently emerged as a key regulator of vascular tone and blood pressure. PVAT surrounds most blood vessels and releases anticontractile factors that influence vasodilation.

Project III

Project III is focused on the role of immune cells in PVAT. In particular, we are interested in how immune cells in PVAT contribute to inflammation associated with high fat diet and hypertension.

Project IV

Hypertension leads to changes in blood vessels' cellular components, affecting the vascular layers. However, its impact on the fourth layer, the tunica adiposa or perivascular adipose tissue (PVAT), and its adipocytes is less understood.

Core A

The Administrative Core (Core A) guides and supervises the overall Program Project research effort.

Core B

The Animal Core manages and supplies animals for all Program Project investigators, overseeing their requirements, procurement, and care, with all procedures conducted or supervised by its personnel.

Core C

Core C offers bioinformatic analysis, computational modeling, and training for this program's personnel, aiming to centralize support in RNA-Seq data analysis and genomic tools for all Projects and Cores.

Core D

Core D supports imaging and analysis of cells and tissues, offers training, and develops new technologies for Projects I-IV, focusing on various cell types in perivascular adipose tissue.