Core A

The Administrative Core (Core A) guides and supervises the overall Program Project research effort.

Core A organizes and schedules bi-monthly meetings of all Program Project personnel and maintain written records of these meetings.

Core A communicates with the Internal and External Advisory Committees.  These committees monitor Program Project research progress and provide evaluations and critiques of the group effort.

Core A is responsible for monitoring Program expenditures, including travel by Project Leaders, and routine bookkeeping.  Publication costs arising from Program Project-funded research will be processed through individual projects.

Core A handles assembly and submission of annual progress reports with continual encouragement for investigators to be active at scientific meetings that helps promote and integrate their findings into scientific knowledge.

Core A is overall responsible for the service to, training of and development of PPG personnel.


The Specific Aim of Core A (Administrative Core) is to guide and supervise the overall Program Project research effort and the people that realize this effort. This guidance can be broken down into the following elements of service, training and development and are depicted in the figure below:


  • Organization and scheduling of bi-monthly meetings of all Program Project personnel, including maintenance and distribution of written records of these meetings.
  • Communication with the Internal and External Advisory Committees.
  • Monitoring Program expenditures, including travel by Project and Core Leaders, and routine bookkeeping.
  • Assembly and submission of annual progress reports.
  • Foster active participation in the most appropriate meetings for the work generated from this Program, to the benefit of the scientist and the science.
  • Creation of a website (this one!) to share commonly used protocols with the goal that this aids rigor, transparency and reproducibility.
  • Connection to CSTAT for statistical help, Technology at MSU and Contracts and Grant Administration.

Training and Development

  • Development of a protocol sharing site for public.
  • Development of a local network through Gull Lake Michigan Hypertension Meeting.
  • Assistance in Career Development.
  • Assistance in Trainee Mentoring.

Core A Team

Stephanie Watts

Full Professor, Dept of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Director of the PPG, Project I Leader, Core A Leader

Director of Project I. Stephanie’s contribution is to bring the smaller and seemingly disparate pieces of information into a larger, integrated picture. She also helps us stay connected to the other projects of this PPG effort, helping to feed information to and from such that the science of all projects informs that of the others.

Brian Gulbransen

Associate Professor, Dept of Physiology
Co-Director of the PPG, Project II Leader

Director of Project II. Dr. Gulbransen is responsible for the overall research direction and progress of this project which aims to study neurohumoral regulation of PVAT. He leads a team of investigators, provides training and supervision for junior team members, conducts experiments, interprets data, and contributes to writing manuscripts. Dr. Gulbransen also coordinates efforts with the other projects and cores to further the goals of the larger PPG.

Integration with other projects

We are the administration for the PPG as a whole.


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